When it comes to the holidays, and any day it is so incredibly important to take care of your teeth!! Heading into the holidays it’s a sweet treat overload and we take the most part in that!

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dr. John Huynh, one of the coolest orthodontists around and on 4th street! Just wait till you see his office (photo above)! He shares his, 5 Pearls Of Wisdom, with us… Ready? Get out that floss and let’s go.

1) To avoid staining your teeth, make sure you drink a glass of water between your glasses of wine. You could also drink through a straw as it brings the liquid behind your teeth and lessens the chance of staining them.

2) This is the time of the year when people indulge when it comes to eating and drinking. From the Christmas parties to the family dinners, there will be quite a bit consumed during this time of the year. With all this eating and drinking, it’s really important to remember to brush and floss your teeth. Neglecting proper oral care can lead to bad breath and cavities.

3) Also, if you are going to eat sweets. Make sure you stay away from the sticky chewy sweets as those tend to linger longer in your mouth. The longer the sugar lingers in your mouth, the higher risk of you getting cavities. Plus, these sticky treats could pull out fillings or other things attached to your teeth, like braces!

4) No matter how crazy the party gets, it’s always a bad idea to open a bottle of beer or wine with your teeth.

5) Smile with teeth, it looks way more attractive than the duck face. Hopefully they’re straight, if not, I can help you with that! 🙂

Thanks for keeping us laughing the entire time! Now let’s learn a little bit more about the amazing Orthodontist with the coolest office decor!

How long have you been around on 4th Street?

Dr.John Huynh: I’ve been operating on 4th St. for 6.5 years now. I took over the office from an older orthodontist and had to renovate the office because it was a bit old and outdated. We basically gutted the office and built it up again from the ground up. The renovations took about 6 months to complete and were done in April 2009. Basically that’s when I started working here on 4th St.

What was the inspiration behind becoming an Orthodontist?

Dr.John Huynh: I went to school to become an orthodontist, so that’s what really drove me to start my own business..haha! What really inspired me to go into the field was this work program that I went through when I was in high school. I volunteered at a dental office that specialized in dentistry for children and orthodontics. I really enjoyed the office dynamics and the dental procedures really intrigued me. After that, I knew I wanted to be in the dental field.

Tell us something we don’t know?

Dr.John Huynh: Our office is different than your typical orthodontic office because the majority of our patients are adults. I’d say about 70% of our patients are adults. As such, we offer more esthetic treatment options, like the braces on the inside of the teeth (hidden braces) and Invisalign. We also start early, at 7am, to make sure people can come to their appointments and make it to work on time.

We know you probably have a lot of these, but what’s one fun fact?

Dr.John Huynh: A fun fact about me is that I play competitive flag football. I’ve been doing it with the same team for the last 17 years and we finally won our first division title! There have been a lot of ups and downs which makes the taste of victory particularly sweet this time! Haha!

What do you love most about 4th Street, not including this AMAZING view!

Dr.John Huynh: The thing I love the most about 4th Street is the diversity of the businesses on the street. There are restaurants, pubs, medical offices, dental offices, chiropractor clinics, flower shops, clothing stores and so much more! And of course, your friendly neighborhood orthodontist is here. In addition to the businesses, the crowd on 4th St. is diverse as well. It’s not just young people or just old people. There’s a good mix so no one really feels out of place.

and…. your guilty pleasure?

Dr.John Huynh: I love chicken and waffles. If I see it on a menu, I’m going to have it. Something about the sweetness of the waffles and the savoury chicken that goes so well together. Mmmm…now I want some chicken and waffles.

Photography by Olivia George Photography.