When the daylight fades fast and cold weather keeps us inside, it’s easy to turn to comfort foods and Netflix binges as a source of solace. But we have a better idea to beat the winter blues and keep yourself feeling great! Follow our 5 ways to practice self-care this winter.

Find nourishment

Ditch the comfort food and reach for food and drink that makes you thrive and feel great. We love the selection of fresh, local, and organic offerings of Amaranth foods. You’ll also find premium vitamins, foods-based supplements, specialty items, natural and gluten-free groceries and quality body care products.

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa and take care of your skin. Winter weather can affect your skin as much as your mood, so give them both a boost with a facial at Aura Spa, designed to restore and rebalance your skin’s health and vitality.

Rejuvenate your body

Don’t have time for a day at the spa? In just 3 minutes you can reduce inflammation, boost of energy, and increase your body’s healing properties with Cryotherapy at Bronze Baxx. At -150 degrees Celsius, it certainly won’t warm you up this winter, but it will make you feel reinvigorated!

Relax with meditation

Let go of stress and anxiety and experience true relaxation with an in-float guided meditation at Clear Float Spa. As you float in a tranquil pod on high-density saltwater, you will feel the benefits of improved blood flow and a clear mind.

Sweat it out

The weather may not be ideal for a run along the river, so bring your fitness inside and try a new workout! There are many great fitness options on Fourth Street to shake up your winter routine. We love the combination of Barre work with impact and intensity at Barre Belle, and the high-energy One Cycle spin classes that deliver a great full-body workout with a fun atmosphere.

Do yourself a favour this winter and take some time just for yourself. Do you have a favourite self-care spot on Fourth Street? Let us know on Facebook!