Coming out of a summer that was far more humid in Calgary than typical and into colder weather, means that dry skin and eczema may start to flare up. We talked to the skincare experts at Neal’s Yard Remedies, who shared their tips on protecting your skin from the effects of the changing weather.

Humidify your space

Spending more time indoors with a furnace on means spending more time in dry air. Keep your skin happy by adding a humidifier to your home.

Change with the seasons

When it’s time to add an extra layer to your outfit, it’s time to add an extra moisturizing boost to your skincare routine! If you feel the dry weather effects in your skin, it may be time to swap out your usual moisturiser for something heavier.

Add a facial oil into your routine

After you cleanse and tone, apply a facial oil under your moisturiser. Some people love using coconut oil, but it can be too heavy for many skin types, so look for one specifically created for your skin type such as Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil for mature skin, Rose Facial Oil for normal skin or Orange Flower Facial Oil for dry skin.

Remember: inner health = outer beauty

Glowing skin isn’t just created by the right products, Neal’s Yard Remedies believes in a holistic approach to health and beauty. They offer massage, reiki treatments, and more in their 4th Street treatment rooms, as well as herbs and teas with targeted health benefits.

Add a secret weapon (or two) to your routine

A rich cleanser, gentle exfoliant, and deeply nourishing balm, the Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm is truly a “one pot wonder.” Great for all skin types, it will restore your skin’s natural radiance while helping to repair, firm and smooth the skin. If aging is your concern, check out Frankincense Intense, a deeply moisturizing cream that has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, firm, tone, boost skin’s suppleness and instantly hydrate.

Stop in for a skin consultation

Feeling inspired to enhance your skincare routine, but don’t know where to start? Be sure to visit Neal’s Yard Remedies on Fourth Street for a skin consultation. They will help you determine your skin type, as well as the products that will suit you the best.

Learn more about what they offer at, and be sure to stop by their 4th Street location!