4th street is nestled in the middle of the Mission, Cliff Bungalow and Beltline communities between historic sites and new urban development which is what makes our street so unique.

We want people on our street dining, shopping and utilizing the many services that are available. We strive to accomplish this by beautifying, promoting and maintaining our area through such measures as advertising and promotions, planning and development, events and activities and streetscape elements.

What is a BRZ?

The Province of Alberta passed legislation in 1983, which permits municipal governments to establish Business Revitalization Zones or a “BRZ”. A BRZ is created as a mechanism by which business people in an area can administer funds to improve the area and jointly promote their businesses.

A BRZ is formed through an application to the City Clerk’s office. A petition signed by at least ten persons listed on the current business assessment role for the area is submitted defining the boundary of the area. The city notifies all potential members of the proposed BRZ. Then, City Council may proceed to establish a by-law which lays out the boundaries and purpose of the BRZ.

The 4th Street BRZ

The 4th Street BRZ began in 1990, our boundaries stretch from 12th Avenue to Elbow Drive and include over 300 businesses.

The BRZ is an excellent vehicle to promote the identity of our business district through advertising and special events. The BRZ is also a united voice to communicate our point of view directly to various departments of the City of Calgary including City Council at large and other levels of government (provincial and federal). Our BRZ also plays a role in the appearance of 4th Street through year round beautification and maintenance.

The BRZ is governed by a Board of Directors composed of up to eight to ten local business people. They are responsible for the BRZ’s yearly program and receive financing from a special BRZ tax levy added to all business tax assessments within the boundary. Our annual general meeting is typically held the first week of November where we present an annual report and plan for the following year.

BRZ Mission

The mission of the 4th Street BRZ is to represent the business interests of its members and to create, promote and maintain a unique, attractive, vibrant and prosperous business area that is appreciated and supported by the local market residents and by visitors from throughout the city and beyond.