As the weather finally changes, it’s time to bring out our fall booties, warm scarfs and embrace the crisp autumn air. The change in season calls for an update on the latest fall fashion trends, so we caught up with Calgary lifestyle blogger, Kait Kucy.

Q. First a little about yourself:

My name is Kait Kucy and I am a lifestyle writer, primarily writing about design, art and architecture. I also write a blog called The Archives of Cool. I love shopping on 4 th Street because it is such a tight-knit community – I love it when I can actually get to know the shop owners and have them remember me as well. There are some seriously wonderful boutiques, restaurants and services on 4 th Street which always bring me back for more.

Q. What are your favourite fall fashion trends that you are seeing right now, and can’t wait to
try out?

Iro Top, Coco + Violet

Velvet. I’ve been dying to pull out velvet pieces all summer long – turns out I’m a fall fashion kind of girl. I love how even a casual outfit can feel luxe when you incorporate gorgeous fabrics like velvet, suede, brocade or even faux fur. Another trend for fall that I am swooning over are beautiful romantic, lacy tops. This is another trend that I seem to keep in my closet all year round but we’re seeing a lot of interesting silhouettes, lace patterns and ruffled sleeves. Paired simply with a pair of denim or skinny cigarette pants, these tops dress up easily from day to night. I highly recommend checking out Coco + Violet for some gorgeous tops this fall.

Q. What trends do you think people should avoid/don’t work with Calgary fall weather?

If there are any trends that I’ve seen in fashion magazines and blogs that wouldn’t work in Calgary (all of the time) would be any shoes that have faux fur on the outside of the shoe. While I think it is a fun trend, this time of year tends to involve rain and even snow – leading to damaged or soppy shoes. I think they are a great option to wear to events or indoors, however.

Q. Is there a certain item of clothing or accessory that you are most excited to break out thisfall and winter?

My felt hats and blanket scarves; two of my favourite accessories for the season that just feel like the essence of autumn – just add a piping hot chai latte and you’ve got my uniform for the rest of the year.

Q. What are the four key pieces everyone should have in their fall wardrobe?

A great jacket; whether you prefer a trench or a denim jacket or even a sweater jacket, having a beautiful staple to layer over everything all season long is a definite essential. A blanket scarf; as I mentioned before blanket scarves are my favourite accessory for the fall and winter. Cozy cardigans and capes are other great additions to your wardrobe.

Equestrian Boots, Roots

A hat; I am a sucker for a great hat and I love how many options there are for this fall. Everything from velvet ball caps to felt wide-brimmed fedoras are making an appearance and they are a great accessory to update your look. A pair of tall equestrian boots; these boots will go with everything you own and will look great leading into the colder winter months. Layer up with thick wool socks for a cute and cozy autumn look.

Q. Best tip for dressing for unpredictable fall weather?

Definitely be prepared for sudden and drastic changes in temperature. Like I mentioned in my spring fashion blog post, you can’t wrong with layers in Calgary at any time of year. One minute it could be sweltering hot and the next it could be raining with a cool breeze – it is best to be prepared and thin layers are the best way to handle that.

Q. Do you have any fall beauty tips?

This year has been DRY on all accounts so I’m certain that your skin will need some extra hydrating leading into the cold months. I can’t get enough of the Yarrow and Comfrey Moisturizer from Neal’s Yard Remedies on 4th Street. It is great for my sensitive combination skin and keeps my complexion feeling fresh and renewed. Participating in personal fitness classes or training is another great way to feel great as we transition into fall. Barre Belle is a great program that uses elements from classical ballet to achieve a full body workout. It is a lot of fun if you are looking for something new to try!

Written By Calgary Lifestyle Blogger Kait Kucy
Twitter: @kaitkucy
Instagram: @kaitkucy
Facebook: /thearchivesofcool