There’s no denying it—Summer is prime grilling season! When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than throwing dinner on the BBQ, inviting friends over, and dining al fresco. So keep your grilling game hot with these tips from Urban Butcher for hosting a great backyard BBQ.

Variety is key

The main event of any BBQ is the meat! Urban Butcher recommends picking 2-3 different meats to please everyone, without feeling overwhelmed while working the grill.

Choose classics with a twist

Gourmet Elk Smokies, Bison Saskatoon Berry Bratwurst, & Bison Hot Dogs offer the familiarity of the classic pork or beef varieties, but with unique and exciting flavours. Sausages are also a great option when entertaining, as they retain their heat and juiciness well once cooked. Another classic, the burger, gets a gourmet upgrade with Urban Butcher’s flavourful and fresh Signature Bison Burgers.

Let Urban Butcher do some of the work

Speed through your party prep with Urban Butcher Skewers, available in Chicken, Beef, and Shrimp, and all very tasty.

Dress up your meat

Put a unique spin on your classic BBQ offerings with Urban Butcher’s huge selection of CRMR Kitchen condiments. The hand-crafted sauces and glazes, including the CRMR Heirloom Tomato Ketchup or CRMR Rose Hip Chili Glaze, are prepared in small batches using natural and locally sourced ingredients.

Timing is everything

When grilling multiple kinds of meat, it is important to time it effectively so that you don’t have quick-cooking meat sitting out and getting cold while others are still on the BBQ. Additionally, ensure you are cooking your meats to the proper internal temperature.

Make room for the impressive spread

Ensuring your offerings look great and are presented in a logical order is key to pulling off a streamlined and delicious BBQ party! Urban Butcher recommends designating a large table as the buffet for your guests to put together their own plates, starting with side dishes. The meats should be centered, along with any required buns, and at the end of the table, set up a DIY condiments station with a wide variety of toppings.

That’s it, enjoy the party!

Need inspiration for your next BBQ? Try out Urban Butcher’s delicious rib marinade below.


5 LBS (2.2kg) baby back pork ribs


¼ cup concentrate orange juice

2 cups rice wine vinegar

2 cups honey

¼ cup sesame seed oil

1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger

½ cup chopped green onions

½ cup diced red onion

½ cup soy sauce

2 tbsp chopped garlic

1 tbsp chopped basil and oregano

1 tbsp ground black pepper

1 orange cut into thick slices

Combine all ingredients together and massage into ribs. Marinate for 2 days in refrigerator, turning
Cook ribs over low heat on barbeque, brushing with marinade until ribs are cooked.

Approximately 5-6 hours.