Getting into a fitness routine at the beginning of a new year can be a daunting task. What should you wear? Where should you work out? What kind of workout style do you like? If you’ve been binging Netflix and carbs and leading a sedentary lifestyle, answering these questions can be really challenging. The best way to get into a healthier lifestyle is being bold and trying new things! Luckily for you, there are plenty of places to sweat it out all along 4th Street. One street, a thousand avenues to a healthier you!

Barre Belle


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If you think cardio is hardio and avoid things like running, don’t worry! There are plenty of options on 4th Street that can trick you into doing some healthy-for-you cardio while still having plenty of fun! We recommend checking out a class at Barre Belle. Their classes offer strength and cardio thoughtfully designed for maximum results.

Yoga and Beyond


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If this looks more like your speed, we totally get it. While yoga can appear to be relaxing and low key, it is secretly a great way to get active and lose weight at your own pace! Yoga increases your flexibility, muscle strength and tone, increases your energy and helps balance your metabolism – to name a few benefits. Our friends at Yoga and Beyond have a welcoming studio run by approachable and kind yogis ready to help you learn a new workout!

One Cycle


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If you love the pounding beats of a night club, the energy of a rock concert and the sweat sesh of your life, then One Cycle is your new year workout destination! This high-energy and high-intensity workout will have you feeling energized and toning your body. But don’t worry! Even if you’ve fallen off the bike, One Cycle is proud to support all body types and fitness levels. Get ready for a new year, new you with One Cycle!

Ballet Barre Works


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Another option for a fun and new workout is a class at Ballet Barre Works. These workouts are run by a community focused on health, energy and happiness. They are body-positive and encourage you to come as you are! Focusing on the movement, finding a mind-body connection, learning, moving to the music will help you to deepen body awareness and encourage getting to truly know your body. Enjoy this high energy workout that’ll definitely give you some toning and results!

Calgary Pilates


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Working out while lying down? Ok, we admit that it isn’t as relaxing as it sounds! Pilates is a unique physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century. What makes Pilates so amazing is the low-impact intensity, making it great for older folks, people with mobility issues, or pain issues. Pilates helps you to refine your posture, core strength and muscle balance making a healthier body to carry you throughout 2020!

Method Fitness YYC


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Method Fitness YYC is definitely for those interested in learning weight lifting, power or Olympic lifting. This gym reminds us of underground gyms in NYC, training the likes of Ali or Tyson. This bespoke gym helps you stay accountable while whipping you into shape. Method Fitness offers a wide range of activities, so no matter your fitness level you can find something you love. You can take a class that targets a specific body region (think gun show + abs or legs and booty) or you get the best results with a personal trainer. If you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, Method Fitness YYC should be a gym you check out.

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