We are in love with the decorations that come with the holiday season, and one of our favourite ways to holiday up our space is with a beautiful centrepiece.

With that being said, we recently stopped by Marlow Flower Works on 4th and fell in love with all they have to offer. They truly have a something for everyone!

Want to try creating your own? Here are a few tips!

  • Keep things low, you don’t want your guest craning their necks to see over the table setting.
  • Avoid scented candles on the table, you don’t want to impress your guests with the treats cooking in the kitchen not the candle on the table!
  • Idea! Think in clusters, have small beautiful objects along the table especially if you have a long table.
  • Color Code your table; Focusing on one colour can be lovely and effective, red is a great festive holiday colour. But pick whatever suits you best.
  • Don’t overshadow your food. Make sure there is enough room on the table for serving dishes, and food!
  • Tea lights are your friend!! They will give you a warm glow without the stress!

If you aren’t ready to venture out on your own, stop in and visit the team at Marlow Flower Works for all your holiday floral needs!

Now, let’s get to know the owner (Clara and her husband) of Marlow Flower Works a little bit better!

So! How long have you been a part of 4th street?

Clara: I have been the owner and operator of Marlow Flower Works on 4th street for 5 years.

We love the arrangements in here, and flowers in general! What was the inspiration behind the start of your business?

Clara: I am originally from Colombia and I operated a flower business there for 17 years. The flowers there were so beautiful. The colours, the textures, and the shapes inspire me. The expression and combinations that you can create emote feelings of joy, excitement, passion and empathy.

That’s wonderful, and we couldn’t agree more! What’s something we might not know about your business?

Clara: We are very dexterous with not only our florals and plants but also our decor. The decor, for example, our wreaths, are very unique to our style. You cannot get them anywhere else. We focus on the details and beauty.

That’s really neat! Okay, so now a fun fact?

Clara: We speak Spanish and sometimes we sing and dance while we’re working. We’re always having a fiesta. Come join!

And of course, What you love most about 4th Street?

Clara: We love the people on 4th Street, the unique businesses and the ambience. It is laid back, easy going, warm, cultural and friendly.

Your one guilty pleasure?

Clara: La Boulangerie

Last but not least, your favourite flower, if you had to choose?

Clara: If we had to choose…we’d choose Peonies and ranunculus and Mokara orchids.

Want to learn more about Marlow flower works? Follow them online on Facebook!

Photography provided by Olivia George Photography.