Eye Spy… with my little Eye the perfect new Holiday glasses!!

Looking for a way to freshen up your look this holiday season, that will last well into the new year? Eye Spy optometry has you covered. We recently had the chance to pop in and chat with the owner Mark.

Here are the 5 frames we fell in love with (including the one up top)!

Want to know more about these beautiful spectacles? Pop into Eye Spy Optometry today to find the perfect pair for your face. Until then, let’s get to know a bit more about the team at Eye Spy!

How long have you operated on 4th Street?

Mark Ross: We opened on May 14, 2014, so about 19 months ago.

What was the inspiration behind the start of your business?

Mark Ross: I’d always wanted to have my own clinic and I’ve always loved 4th Street. We want to be the area’s friendly local optometry office. We already have some great relationships with patients who sometimes just stop by to chat. We love that!

When Trattner Optical shut down it left a void on 4th street with no optician or optometrist! The former business in my location was Mealan and she was retiring. All the stars aligned for me and I was able to snag an awesome location on the best street in town and once again provide optometry and optical services to the people in the area.

Something we might not know about your business?

Mark Ross: I think this is something people actually don’t realize about optometrists just in general but we do way, way more than just check your vision. We take care of eye infections and eye injuries (including removing things like metal from the eye), treat glaucoma, monitor diabetes and high blood pressure in the eye and can often be the first to detect certain diseases like MS and even cancer.

That’s why it’s so important for people to an eye exam every year even if they see perfectly!

So, we know you must have some fun in the shop here! We want to know what’s one fun fact about you and the business?

Mark Ross: A fun fact about me is that I sing with Spiritus Chamber Choir. We’re an amateur choir but we’ve still done some impressive things including winning some national choral prizes!

I’ve also done a number of eye care mission overseas and spent 3 months working in an eye hospital in Malawi which was a fascinating and highly educational experience!

For the office, the best fun fact I can think of is that we love displaying art from local artists on our walls. We have a couple artists right now that temporarily display art for sale on our walls. If there are any other budding artists out there we’d love to give you space to display your art too!

What you love most about 4th Street?

Mark Ross: This is partly a 4th street thing and partly a neighbourhood thing. Even though we weren’t open yet in 2013 I’ve lived in Cliff Bungalow for years and was here during the flood.

The way everyone came together, businesses, residents, just everyone, really impressed me but it didn’t surprise me. That’s just the way people in this city are! It was such a defining moment for everyone and I think it brought us all even closer together.

It’s hard not be close to someone after you’ve cleaned mud and sludge out of their basement!

It’s that type of community strength that makes 4th street amazing (not to mention of course the fantastic retail stores, medical offices, restaurants, coffee shops and more that make living here so convenient. Everything you need is just out your door!)

And of course, your one guilty pleasure?

Mark Ross: I’m a bit of a stereotype here being a 32-year-old guy but I love video games. Being newly married, a business owner and active in the community I don’t have much time for it but when I can snag an hour or two to spare that’s definitely my guilty pleasure!

Last but not least, Favourite pair of contacts/glasses?

Mark Ross: Haha this one is a challenge. It’s like asking my wife what her favourite pair of shoes are! I have a pair of retro Nautica frames I’ve been wearing a lot but I also love this amazing Eco frame.

Eco is a cool company because for every frame you purchase they plant a tree in Cameroon! I also have a really comfortable wooden frame from OGA that has so much detail that it just looks great.

There are some women’s frames too that are works of art. We have this bold, red J.F. Rey frame, handmade in France and an art deco-inspired retro chic Lafont frame that are just aching for the right person.

Thanks so much for all your time, Mark! Want to know more about Eye Spy Optometry? Follow them socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.