With the season changing, are you feeling like it’s time to refresh your skin? We caught up with Lauren Plante, Co-Owner & Spa Director of BABOR Beauty Spa, to talk about her best skincare advice for fall. Read on to learn about the best treatments for minimizing summer sun damage, protecting your skin from the cold, the truth about toners, and why each season change is the best time to get a facial!Q. First of all, tell us a little bit about BABOR Beauty Spa and the services you provide.

A. We are the first official BABOR Beauty Spa flagship store in Canada. BABOR, a luxury skincare brand from Aachen, Germany, established in 1956, and currently available in over 70 countries around the world. At BABOR Beauty Spa Calgary we specialize in European facials using BABOR skincare with amazing results you can see and feel. We also offer body and spa treatments including the new Vital O2 Lux Oxygen Treatment, Thermocoagulation and Hair Removal.

We sell the entire BABOR skincare collection, which includes a wide array of paraben-free products containing plant-based ingredients combined with highly-concentrated active ingredients to provide real, visible results. Used regularly in combination with BABOR signature facials, featuring techniques and protocols developed solely for BABOR Beauty Spa, they will leave you glowing. It’s usually the first thing a new client notices after their first visit, a new and incredibly healthy glow, or the “BABOR glow” as we like to call it.

Q. What are your most popular treatments in the fall?

A. I find this a difficult question to answer mainly because every person’s skin is so unique and requires something different. We offer over 15 different facials with each facial catered to your individual skin type and skin condition at the time of your facial. It’s actually rare that you would ever receive the exact same facial as your skin is constantly changing due to lifestyle, stress, aging, etc. But if I had to choose an ideal facial for the majority of people come fall, I’d say either the DR BABOR Cellular Repair Therapy to soothe and repair damage from a summer spent in the sun, or the DR BABOR Vital Detox Therapy to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin after a summer of poor eating and late nights. If someone is unsure what’s best for their skin, we provide complimentary skin consultations to help our clients choose the best treatments and products.

Q. If someone is looking to refresh their look for fall, where should they start?
A. With a facial! The best time to get a facial is with every season change, so ideally a minimum of four times a year. You’d be surprised how much this helps the skin adjust to new weather conditions and eating habits. For example, less sunlight means the skin needs an alternative way to be supplied with vitamins; and less fruits and veggies with more comfort food means the skin needs an alternative way to be infused with antioxidants. A facial in fall is also a great chance to have your skin professionally analyzed to receive recommendations for the best products to use for your individual skin type and condition come colder weather.

Q. Over the summer we can sometimes neglect our skin and end up with some sun damage–what do you recommend to combat that?

A. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do after the damage is done, so the biggest thing to remember is prevention! Calgary is almost always sunny so you should be using sunblock year-round. We recommend a mineral-based sunblock opposed to a chemical-based sunscreen, as it’s made with natural ingredients opposed to chemicals that can clog your pores and cause you to breakout. With that said, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage. The DR BABOR Repair Cellular Collection contains 15% biogen plant that naturally helps to heal and regenerate the skin. Most products contain 0.0000001% active ingredients, so with 15% biogen plant, this collection is incredibly active and result-driven. It’s also a great way to heal burns, cuts and significantly reduce scarring. The DR BABOR Repair Cellular Collection features a cleanser, two serums, two creams, a mask and a body cream.

Q. What do you recommend for skincare routines and products as the weather grows colder?

A. There are three main things to remember as the weather grows colder. The first and most important is switching to a thicker cream. Calgary is so dry that in the colder months we have to protect and shield our skin from the environment to stop it from becoming dull and dried out. Often in the summer you can get away with using the same cream day and night, but come fall it’s best to invest in a day cream that is thicker than your summer cream, as well as a night cream, which should be even thicker, almost like a mask.

The next biggest thing would be exfoliating and following with a toner. It can sometimes feel counter-intuitive to exfoliate when your skin is not doing its best or is irritated, but it’s actually the best thing you can do. Exfoliating 2-3 times per week will drastically improve the appearance of the skin, scuffing away dead skin cells to increase cell turnover bringing new, healthy skin cells to the surface. And, of course, following with a toner every time you exfoliate is so important. There’s a huge misconception when it comes to toners that it helps remove oil and/or blackheads, but this isn’t really the case. Yes, there are some astringent toners that are meant to reduce excess sebum production, but the majority of toners don’t actually do this and the majority of people don’t actually need this type of toner. A good toner for most skin types is meant to rebalance the PH level of the skin (moisture vs. acidity level) for a more balanced, even and healthy complexion. Without it, you might get a tight feeling—Don’t mistake this for anti-aging, as it’s actually your skin showing signs of being dehydrated. So keep in mind: exfoliating without toning afterwards is counter-productive as you’ve stripped away all the dead skin cells without feeding the skin something to rebalance itself. So tone! Your skin will love you for it and show it.

The third thing is masking. Applying a mask once in a while is nice, but during the colder months your skin can really benefit from regular masking, about 2-3 times per week after exfoliating is ideal. It will help seal in moisture and retain that glow you’ve worked on all summer. Plus, it feels amazing! It’s like giving yourself a mini-treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Q. Any new products coming into the spa that you are excited about?

A. BABOR is always launching new products and re-launching collections, as the scientific research we base our products on is constantly changing and growing, and BABOR is always looking to have the newest, most-improved, very best active ingredients in their products. Unlike many other cosmetic companies, BABOR houses their own Research & Innovation Center in Aachen where they envision, create and package their very own, BABOR-only complexes. Just recently BABOR launched two new DR BABOR Collections: Refine Cellular to detoxify and refine the appearance of the complexion; and Hydro RX to intensively hydrate the skin from the inside out using high-doses of hyaluronic acid. Coming soon, they’ll launch DR BABOR Calming RX and Lifting RX, which we’re really excited about, so stay tuned!

Q. Any promotions during the month of September?

A. For September, we’ll have a new feature facial, which is a limited time facial at a special price, ideal for fall in Calgary. And we’ll focus on our Ampoule Concentrates FP Collection, pure active ingredients sealed in glass in 12 different formulations for instant, visible results. They’re ideal for quenching the skin with essential moisture and nutrients after a long, hot summer and they really do offer quick results. BABOR produces over 2 million of these little beauties a year, which means one is being cracked every 1-2 seconds somewhere around the world and with a following like that you can be sure they work! As our promotions are always changing, our website is usually the best place to visit for the latest promotions and features going on in-store.

Thanks, Lauren! You can visit BABOR beauty spa online, or follow along on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.