Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the perfect date is available for you and your special someone on Fourth Street! With so many restaurants, bars and retail locations, you can get everything you need to make your date feel extra special and loved for Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to find our top picks for a romantic evening out! Fourth Street is one street, a thousand avenues to a perfectly romantic date night.


Valentine’s Day can be made a little more special with a gift. You don’t need to blow a huge budget to find something that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

NewLeaf Cannabis

Does your date like to partake in cannabis consumption? If so, make sure NewLeaf Cannabis is on your “must visit” shopping destination list! From flowers and oils to accessories, NewLeaf makes gift shopping for the cannabis lover in your life very easy and approachable. We recommend checking out their extensive collection of pipes and water pipes sure to please your partner.

Shelf Life Books

If you’ve got a bookworm for a partner, there’s no better place to start your gift search than Shelf Life Books. Featuring the largest poetry collection in western Canada, you can get famous romantic writers like Pablo Neruda or Rumi to say how you feel for you! No matter what type of literature your lover likes, there is a book (or twenty) tucked away at Shelf Life Books that they’ll be sure to love.


For the active Valentine, we recommend checking out the collections at lululemon. You can explore their famous lines of athleisure or keep it simple with some athletic accessories. Keep your partner on their fitness track with an adorable cross-body bag, perfect for quick gym trips, or keep him looking professional with the Down to the Wire slim fit button down.


If you are in the mood for a quiet and romantic evening, perhaps a stop at one of our favourite bars is in order! Whether you stop in before or after dinner, or make it the feature of your entire evening, these spots are sure to set the mood!


A Calgary staple, Anejo has quickly become a downtown favourite. With one of the best tequila shelves around town, a tasty margarita might be just the ticket to get the good times flowing on your date. If tequila isn’t your preference, there are plenty of inventive cocktails to choose from. Anejo also crafts incredibly tasty table-side guacamole, and other appys, in case your date runs longer than expected.

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Earls Tin Palace received a stunning interior update that continues to take our breath away every time we stop by! We love Earl’s for their awesome list of cocktails, including fresh new takes on the sidecar and cosmo. You can also go big with their shareable cocktails perfect for sharing amongst two or four people. Earl’s also has plenty of tasty bites to keep you from over-indulging on Valentine’s Day.

Milk Tiger

Milk Tiger is an intimate, dimly lit, high-end spot perfect for impressing your date with your insider knowledge. Cozy up at a quiet table and enjoy the eclectically enjoyable playlist while you peruse their menu. Known to change frequently, you can find a great wine list of reds and whites on rotation. If you need stronger liquid courage for your date, Milk Tiger has a deluxe offering of inventive cocktails you won’t find anywhere else.


Take your honey out to one of the many delicious and romantic restaurants on Fourth! No matter what they love to eat, there’s a restaurant sure to please.


Nothing says romance like pasta! Hello, don’t you remember Lady and the Tramp? If your one true love is carbs, then Mercato is a great idea for Valentine’s Day. We love the tagliatelle pasta, their famous Bistecca – Fiorentina style steak and of course their ultra-fresh buffalo mozzarella, served with plenty of tasty sides for a uniquely Italian experience. Make sure you create your reservation now to avoid disappointment!


If you and your Valentine’s Day date are adventurous eaters, Rajdoot might be the perfect place for a romantic meal. This traditional Indian restaurant is romantic with beautiful gold and wood throughout the dining room. We love their fresh, authentic meals. For the vegetarian, we recommend our favourite Indian dish: Shai Paneer, cubes of fresh cheese in a mild tomato sauce; perfectly scoopable with plain rice or naan bread. If you’re an omnivore, go for the Vindaloo Goan for spicy, coconut-infused meat and veg that pairs nicely with coconut basmati rice. Don’t forget to leave room for a sweet, tasty dessert!

Hana Sushi

We’re a little biased, but we think Hana Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in all of Calgary! If the fish were any fresher, it’d still be in the ocean. Hana’s interior is perfect for a romantic date, with dividers between tables and beautiful shutters on the windows so you can ignore the passersby and get lost in your date’s eyes. We recommend sampling as much sushi as you can, but if you’re not sure then go for tuna tataki salad, Hana prawns, and Hana boat. We also love the chirashi don if you’re not sharing!

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