Getting your heart rate up has never been so exciting! Fitness trends this year are moving towards mindful workouts, personalized experiences, recovery-based training and simply having fun. You’ll find all of that and more on Fourth Street, where a great variety of fitness offerings will take your exercise routine to the next level.

Hit the Barre

Photo: Barre Belle

You’ll feel the burn with the combination of Barre work, impact and intensity at Barre Belle. The total body workout with ballet conditioning, strength and flexibility training will transform and sculpt your entire body.

Go for a Spin

Photo: One Cycle

The intense, high-energy One Cycle spin classes deliver a great full-body workout. The candlelit room, complete with disco ball and pumping music, offers a fun and inclusive environment to reach your fitness goals at any level. The workout will lengthen and strengthen muscles, build core stability, tone biceps and triceps, and improve cardiovascular health.

Master the fundamentals of alignment

Photo: Calgary Pilates

Learn how to move with fluidity, power, ease, and confidence at Calgary Pilates. Their mission is to train with integrity and skill, backed by sound foundational principles, to fine tune your body in a way that helps you reach your personal health and fitness goals. They offer both personalized instruction and group fitness classes.

Dance it out

Gain poise and confidence, get great exercise, and have fun at Havana Cuban Dance Studio. They offer group and private classes for all age groups and levels, including several fitness classes like Zumba, Samba, and LatinFit cardio.

Personalize your experience

Photo: Method Fitness

Got goals you want to crush, but need a little help? Method Fitness is a boutique personal training facility that provides bespoke one-on-one personal training, small group training and ongoing support. From elite athlete to just starting out, they are there to support you on your fitness journey.

Increase strength, decrease stress

With this year’s trend toward mindful exercise, yoga offers exactly what you need to increase your strength and flexibility, while decreasing stress. At Yoga Santosha, you’ll find over 20 styles of yoga to restore and invigorate.

There are so many great fitness options on Fourth Street, so try something new and get sweating! Visit our website for a complete directory.