What a summer we’ve had so far! A scorching July was packed with patios and Stampede…and snacks and refreshing bevies! We’re going to make it easy to stay on track for the rest of summer and enjoy the holidays without becoming a sugarplum by September. At Barre Belle we believe in balance! The fall will be here before you we know it; here are some fit tips so you don’t fall off entirely and have sober September feel like the longest recovery in your life. Remember, a one hour class is just 4% of your day – that’s all it takes to make a difference! Our classes are a full body workout that will help you earn those patio treats while staying tight and toned. Some belles burn up to 800cals in one class! If you can’t make it to class – here are some basic belle secrets so you can go forth and barre -> bar before the sun sets on August.

Here are a few great motivation tips to get you moving in August!

1. Clear your mind! Blood flow to your brain makes you think more clearly. If your mind is drifting at the office, exercise will actually help keep you on track. That moment when you have an realization or a clear idea in the middle of a hard workout isn’t a coincidence. An increase in blood flow to the brain, combined with a spike in activity to the hippocampus during exercise, leads to a clearer, more decisive mind.

2. Stay youthful! The post-sweat skin isn’t just a temporary. A recent study has proven that a consistent schedule of exercise (particularily high intensity interval training – like our Barre X class or running stairs) can actually REVERSE signs of ageing at a cellular level. Exercise improves mitochondria function which helps fight the effects of old age.

3. The other six pack! Exercise may help your abdominal muscles show on the outside, but it’s also working magic on the inside of your stomach. Aerobic activity led to an increase in the diversity of bacteria in the digestive system, aka you will feel healthier and more energetic.

4. Stress less! Anxiety and stress can be battled with sweat, literally. We’ve all heard of endorphins – the “feel good” group of hormones. Well the combination of the release of positive brain chemicals like endorphins, an increase in body temperature can help up your mood and lessen feelings of stress or anxiety.

5. Balance is key! We all love a great patio snack, but you will be more inclined to make a healthy choice with exercise in the mix! A recent study shows that thanks to the transfer effect, you will naturally begin to crave healthier foods as you exercise.

6. Get your zzzzzzzs! Feeling that mid day (or even early day) slump? Research shows regular aerobic exercise makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, which in turn has a positive effect on mental health and daytime energy.

If summer travel has you procrastinating, pack your excuses away! We have an amazing downloadable program so you can throw it on your laptop or iPad and fit a workout in at our own convenience. At www.thebellebod.com we have exercise that are 15 min-1 hour depending on your schedule. It’s based on the the system we teach in studio so take your sweat session on the road!

Yours in plies and patios,
The Barre Belles