We know on our most recent #30daysofblogs there has a been A LOT of fun detox, and rejuvenating articles, ways you can gift yourself and other’s a fresh New Year.

However, that’s not the only way to start a new year, as a new you.. thanks to Modern Menswear. So gentlemen, this ones for you! and of course the ladies and gents looking for a guide to gift giving this holiday season, thanks to this article it just got a whole lot easier.

Items are available at Modern Menswear on 4th.

Okay, so now that we have you hooked on the amazing pieces Modern Menswear carries, it’s time to get to know the owner Drew, a bit better!

So Drew, how long have you operated on 4th Street?

Drew: We opened our store in September 2014.

You have some of the coolest decor in here, it’s such a unique mix. What was the inspiration behind the start of Modern Menswear?

Drew: We felt there was a lack of unique menswear in the city of Calgary. With the exception of a select few boutiques, there weren’t many place for men to shop other than the mall.

Many Calgarians love to travel, especially to Europe and we felt this shouldn’t be the only time that they are able to buy clothing that complimented their lifestyle.

That’s great, and so incredibly true. What’s something we might not know about your Modern Menswear?

Drew: We buy exclusively from Canada or outside of North America, only bringing in between 3-6 of each piece. We buy direct from our brands, most of which do not market to North America. You could be one of 3/6 people in North America with a particular piece.

and….. One fun fact?

Drew: It’s a proven fact we like fun.

What you love most about being on 4th Street?

Drew: 4th Street is home for us. We grew up in the community, My first job was at Tony Roma’s (now Mercado). That’s how long we have been involved in 4th Street.

That’s amazing! Guilty Pleasures?

Drew: Uhm, candy? I dunno.

What is your staple piece in your closet?

Drew: Always a jacket, right now it’s the new Wood Wood Suede bomber jacket.

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Photography provided by Olivia George Photography & Modern Menswear.