In spirit of this glorious day, we thought why not share one way we can make the Earth a better place all the time (there are MANY ways) but let’s start with one!Here we are sharing how to create your own compost bin for just $15! You can go out and purchase one – but it’s also just as easy to make one and quite affordable!

3 Reasons to Compost:

Soil that is produced in rich in nutritents for your hard (it can be put right back onto the grass), garden (if you are taking up gardening, and flower beds!
The soil is a natural fertilizer, and can remove the need to use chemical fertilizers. It’s safe for the environment and can save you money!
It can an excellent educational opportunity for children.

What can you compost?

Coffee grounds and filers
Fruits and veggies
Egg shells
Grass clipping
Nut shells
Shredded newspaper
Fireplace ashes

DO NOT Compost:

Meat or fish bones
Yard trimmings treated with chemicals
Pet waste
Diseased plants

Okay! Now that we have that under wraps – Let’s make our own compost bin. Here’s what you will need:

Large Trash Can with a LOCKING lid
Platform of some sort (think wooden plant stand, get creative)
Screws (to attach the platfom)
Drill with a large bit


1. Take your drill, make holes along the sides of the trash can, as well as the lid and on the bottom of the trash can. Aim for approx. 20-25 holes.
2. Take your drill out again, attach the platform to the base. DO NOT cover up the holes you have just made, if you do just add a few more to the bottom. The platform allows drainage and saves the grass below.
3. Collect items off the approved list.
4. Every few days, go out in the yard and put your trash can on it’s side and roll it around the yard for a few minutes.
5. When desired, use the rich dark soil that has been produced.

We understand that not everyone will have the space for a Compost bin on their condo deck – so a few other ways you can make a change this earth day and are:

Plant an herb garden!
Switch at least one appliance to energy efficient
Stop using disposable bags
Wash laundry in cold water
Enjoy natural light and leave your lights off for most of the day