What’s the perfect way to wake up on Christmas morning? Or the perfect treat to eat while you walk 4th Street shopping local for the holiday season? The delicious croissants at La Boulangerie are exactly what you need, and they give back! (read futher to find out more)

We recently popped into La Boulangerie on 4th to catch the making of croissants early in the morning and we have to say the moment you walk in you are in pastry aroma heaven.

Shosh Cohen and Navot Raz (owners) started the shop (their second location) on 4th street after achieving a great success at the Kingsland Farmers Market, which is now the Market on Macleod. They were very busy and had a lot of demand, they expanded their booth at the market and used two home range oven but it wasn’t enough to keep up. Hence why they opened up on 4th Street!

Navot Raz is a pastry extroadinaire, he has a grand diploma graduate of Le Courdon Bleu in cuisine and pastries.( YUM!!) They love to combine cooking with baking pastries because they are huge fans of both the savoury and the sweet, hence why you see savoury and fruit flavours!

Now that we know a bit more about La Boulangerie, let’s get to know Shosh and Navot.

What do you love the most about being on 4th Street?

Shosh: The PEOPLE. It is very community oriented and keeps us passionate about our business. Our customers are her friends and they believe in their business. During the flood time, there were people offering their help to us. Business is not just a place where you work, but it is a lifelong project.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Shosh: Sampling the products for quality control :), if it’s being served, it’s because they love it!
That would be us also! We love, love the treats in your shop!

You’ve told us how much you love 4th street, but where is your favourite place to visit?

Shosh: Marlow Flower Works!

We agree, she has GORGEOUS arrangements! What is something we might not know about the shop?
Shosh: For starters we are closed Monday’s, but for a very good reason. Monday is family time. We wish we could be open all day, every day, but family time is very important to us and it’s something we always make time for.

Also, we donate all the left overs at the end of the day to an organization called leftovers.

Well that’s wonderful! To find out more about La Boulangerie follow them socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Photography by Olivia George.