Cold, dry winters in Calgary can take their toll on your skin – especially your lips! It takes a bit of extra love and care to keep your lips hydrated and smooth.To keep those lips mistletoe-kissable, try this simple three-step routine using frilly lilly brown sugar lip scrub and any of our delicately scented lip butters. This combo will help to soften and hydrate lips, while protecting them from the cold air.

Step one – Using your finger, apply about a pea-sized dab of the brown sugar scrub to your mid-lower lip and gently massage in a circular motion outward to cover your lips. Work it into your lips for about 20 seconds, enjoying the soft exfoliation!

Step two – Wet the corner of a washcloth or towel with warm water and gently wipe the brown sugar scrub from your lips until they’re clean. They should feel supple and lightly moisturized!

Step three – Finish by applying a swipe of your favourite frilly lilly lip butter to help hydrate and protect. Our holiday favourite is our peppermint lip butter, like a sweet candy cane kiss!

Try this routine a few days a week or as needed, after you wash your face in the morning or before bed. Apply lip butter before you step outside so your lips are sealed and moisturized. You’re good to go!


frilly lilly brown sugar lip scrub: gently exfoliate dry lips with our brown sugar lip scrub. Lips will be left hydrated, sweet and supple.

Contains: Petroleum Jelly, Brown Sugar, Beeswax, Mineral Oil, and Vitamin E
frilly lilly lip butters – coconut crème, peppermint, argentinian lemon, pink lemonade

contains: Helianthus Annuus, Beeswax, Copernicia Cerifera, Olea Europaea, Persea Gratissima, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis, Garcinia Indica Seed Butter, Flavor Oil

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Now let’s get to know the pretty shop on 4th that we all love to visit for many reasons! Debra, frilly lilly’s founder shared everything we wanted to know about this amazing business.

How long has Frilly Lilly operated on 4th Street?

Debra: I can’t believe it, but it’s been ten years on Fourth Street! Mission is our flagship boutique, it’s where it all started for frilly lilly. We first opened our doors in 2005 with just a small team. We never thought we would grow to 12 locations across Alberta, B.C. and Santa Monica. I’m so grateful.

That’s amazing! What was the inspiration behind the start of Frilly lilly?

Debra: It took me at least three years of planning to fully develop the idea of frilly lilly. I would create vision boards, read design books, go to antique shops, work with chemists, and anything else that was needed for me to feel proud of what I was creating. I wanted to create a beautifully curated and designed beauty boutique that would specialize in waxing, manicures, and pedicures. And I always wanted our own signature bath and body care products that were functional, but also look adorable by the side of a tub or on the bathroom vanity.

Well you have achieved that, we love how great the products look in our homes, it’s more then a product is an accessory! What’s something we might not know about your business?

Debra: The frilly lilly concept was developed by myself, my daughter Lisa and son Jeremy – I’m so proud that they’re still the foundation and team to this day!

I am sure there are a lot of these, one fun fact about the shop or yourself?

Debra: Shortly after we opened in 2005, I was in Las Vegas for a business trip. I don’t know what encouraged me to do so but I decided I wanted to show our products to a few boutiques there. I think I was just hoping I’d get some feedback from someone after I put so much effort into creating the line. The first place I visited was the Palms Hotel. To my shock and amazement, they decided to place an order on the spot! We had never planned on selling our products to other businesses so we were completely unprepared for it. From there, the next two places I visited were the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and then Fred Segal in Los Angeles. They both placed orders. None of us expected to have other stores carry frilly lilly. We were all so shocked and excited. It was very validating to feel that stores known for being trendsetters seemed interested in what we were doing.

What do you love the most about being on 4th?

Debra: Fourth Street feels like home! It has been so cool to see it flourish and grow over the last ten years. I love that Fourth Street has a relaxed, welcoming vibe – you can cozy up with a cappuccino at Phil & Sebastian, shop for some special gifts from the unique boutiques, or grab a glass of wine and a pizza. The incredible dining on Fourth has to be my favourite part – from staples like Mercato to Anejo for the best tacos and margaritas.

and of course… Your one guilty pleasure?

Debra: I can only pick one?! Well, I love hunting for vintage treasures at the markets in California – beautiful linens, dressers, glasses and dishes, the list goes on! But I try not to feel too guilty about these purchases since they all end up in the boutiques as part of our one-of-a-kind displays!

So that’s where those gorgeous pieces come from! We have always admired them. Okay, last but not least, favourite winter nail colour?

Debra: All year round I tend to stick with my favourite light pinks, nudes and blush tones. My all-time favourite is a soft pink shade called Romantique by CND.

Thanks so much for your time Debra!!

Photography by Olivia George and Frilly Lilly.