Summer is HERE!! And mocktails are on the menu , check out this amazing Matcha infused mocktail from the ladies of Neal’s Yard Remedies!(where you can purchase your Matcha powder direct)

This iced tea is naturally detoxifying, full of antioxidants and energy boosting! A perfect brunch hit!


1 tsp matcha powder (detoxifying, mental clarity and energy boosting!)
1 lemon (detoxifying and cleansing)
Handful fresh mint leaves (cooling and refreshing)
1-2 tsp maple syrup (optional, based on preference) (rich in minerals)
500ml water (hydration!)
Ice cubes


Mix matcha powder into paste with a little bit of water
Dilute with rest of the water into a jug
Add torn, fresh mint leaves
Add juice from lemon and maple syrup
Serve on ice!

Happy sipping! For more information and healthy recipes head over and follow @Nealsyardremedies on instagram!