From relaxing on a sunny 4th Street patio to enjoying a backyard BBQ, the wine that pairs with summer is rosé.  

We talked to Geoff Last, general manager of Bin 905, about what makes rosé the quintessential summer wine, and we were fascinated to hear about its history, how it is made, and the truth about some common misconceptions.

The popularity of rosé has exploded in Canada over the last few years, but it has been appreciated in Europe far longer than it has been trending on Instagram. The Provence wine region in France is famous for its rosés, and you can hardly go wrong choosing one from the region. There you’ll find a great selection across most price points of the refreshing and lively, salmon-hued wine.

Rosé is as versatile as a wine could be, featuring the flavour of red wine paired with the refreshing lightness of white wine. While sometimes mistakenly thought of as a sweet wine, a good rosé is actually quite dry. It is made with red grapes, but unlike how a red wine is made, the skins spend little time in contact with juices, resulting in the signature light colour.

As far as food pairings, Geoff says that it can be paired with nearly any food, with the exception of a hearty red meat. Other recommendations for a great summer red? Geoff recommends you try a lighter bodied red wine, like a pinot noir or Beaujolais, served slightly chilled.    

Bin 905 on 4th Street carries a great selection of rosé, usually 30 to 35 different varieties during the summer, with a majority from France. You’ll find several bottles chilled and ready, or you can make use of their instant chiller. Stop by and pick up a bottle for yourself, Geoff says that once a good rosé is tasted, most people become fans for life.