Daylight Savings Time is rapidly approaching which, for us along Fourth Street, always signals the end of summer and the beginning of a long, cold winter. We thought we would help you brighten up the dreary days with some self care tips. Keep reading to discover how Fourth Street is one street, a thousand avenues to self care.

Treat Your Body


Keeping your body in tip-top shape should be a no brainer all year round. But in the winter, we often need a little extra love and attention as we may not be in our regular workout routines. These businesses along Fourth are your first stop on a self care winter!

Calgary Pilates Centre. In the words of Calgary Pilates Centre, to move well is to live well. Keep your body primed to combat cold and flu season with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Calgary Pilates Centre offers one-on-one or group Pilates classes that will get you moving, sweating and feeling toasty warm all winter long.

Enjoy 3 private, personalized lessons for only $199.99 or 1 private, personalized lesson and 2 group lessons for only $128.99

Eastern Medical Centre. If winter has you feeling stiff, sore and slow, Dr. Francis Lee at the Eastern Medical Centre can help relieve some of your tension. Eastern Medical Centre offers up acupuncture to help target chronic muscle tension. If needles aren’t your thing, you might be interested in cupping or acupressure for similar results!

Massage Heights. If you get sore joints when the temperature dips, or you’re looking to unwind during the stressful holiday season, a Massage Heights visit might be just the ticket to self care! Massage Heights has so many types of massage to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love.

And with add-ons like dynamic cupping, aromatherapy, face massage and hot stones, you’re sure to feel completely relaxed and invigorated to take on your to-do list this winter!

Treat Your Mind


Once you’ve taken care of your body, taking care of your mind is a critical step to self care all winter long. It’s easy to feel sad when it’s dark most of the day, snow is piling up, and you’ve got plenty of new charges on your credit card. Relax and ease your mental stress with these self care hot spots on Fourth!

Shelf Life Books. Nothing is more cozy than a super soft blanket, a hot cup of tea and a great read. This winter, if travel to a warmer climate isn’t in the cards, take a vacation in your mind by reading about a tropical destination! Our friends at Shelf Life Books stock a wide variety of books and have a host of helpful staff ready to serve you. If that doesn’t entice you, this dog-friendly store lets you bring your pups along while you browse. Read our blog post on dog-friendly shops to see how you and your dog can win a gift card!

Momentum Health. The holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of year as we put pressure on ourselves to bestow gifts to family and friends, and host or attend parties and dinners. Canadians can also be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder due to seasonal changes.

Don’t neglect your mental health! Momentum Health offers psychology and counseling services in addition to many other services, like physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care and more. Give them a call today if you’ve been struggling.

Take a walk. Sometimes the most simple solution is the best one. Self care does not have to involve spending money, especially if you’re feeling the pinch over the holidays! Bundle up, make  a cup of your favourite tea to-go and enjoy some window shopping down Fourth Street. Once you get to 26 Avenue, head west and follow the Elbow River trail for a quiet nature moment that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Treat Your Self


Butter Beauty Parlour. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can put a huge smile on your face! Pop by Butter Beauty Parlour to indulge in a manicure, pedicure or a blow-out. We love the cute and comfortable vibes. Plus with great, big windows, you can take in the action (or the falling snow) while you warm up and beautify just in time for the holiday season.

Purple Perk. A good cup of coffee or tea can cure just about anything, even the winter blues, and it’s one of our favourite ways to indulge in some self care. Purple Perk is one of the best spots on Fourth to grab your favourite warm (or cold!) beverage. And with their extensive, and delicious, meal and snack offerings you can indulge your senses even more with a muffin or huevos rancheros (our favourite).

Buttermilk Fine Waffles. Paging all brunch aficionados! Buttermilk Fine Waffles is a Calgary staple, and we’re proud that they’re found right on Fourth. Open Friday through Sunday from 9am until 3pm, you can slow down for some waffle related self care on the weekend. If you’re busy on the weekends, Buttermilk also offers DIY mix to take home and enjoy any day of the week.

How and where do you like to indulge in self care on Fourth Street? Share with us your favourite spots on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!