Spring weather has sprung, even some summer weather (let’s be honest). With that being said ,we want to spend more time outside on the patio and frolicking in the gorgeous mountains, and less time inside working on getting ready.
So, we thought, let’s highlight some great ways to cut that beauty routine pretty much in half if not more, and get you outside in no time!

This week we are featuring one of our favourite beauty hacks, and that is EYELASH Extensions.. I don’t know about you guys, but we wake up and it might look like we have no eyelashes. Thanks to Noir Lash Lounge on 4th (right across from the Starbucks) we are waking up bright eyed – and bushy tailed!

Before the eyelash extensions:

After (these are the Mnk lashes) :

Here’s why we LOVE, eyelash extensions (and make them a part of our Spring/Summer beauty routine):

  • Mascara no more, Let your lashes do the talking – I don’t know about you guys but we are usually in a rush, and there is nothing worst then applying mascara in a rush – You get it EVERYWHERE… sometimes we even have it on our forearms. (also – say goodbye to Raccoon eyes)
  • It looks natural – depending on the length and thickness you get, Our mink eyelashes look long luscious and more natural than any mascara, and most strip lashes!
  • It’s a great way to spend an 1+ – most people fall asleep, we were told! (We talked the whole time) – we also promise its not painful or irritating, you barely feel it! That’s how good Noir Lash Lounge is! Also the adhesive is latex and formaldehyde free!
  • They last – most lashes don’t need a fill for 2-8 weeks! Depending on how well you take care of them and follow the after care (no oil) instructions!

Alright, now let’s get to know the team at Noir Lash Lounge (on 4th).

How long have you operated on 4th?

Cheryl: Noir Lash Lounge 4th Street opened, December 2011, the first ever franchise opened in Vancouver.

That’s quite a while! What was the inspiration behind the start of Noir lash lounge?

Cheryl: To provide the service of quality professional lash extensions at an affordable price. While researching I came across Noir in Vancouver, it was everything I had dreamed of wrapped up in a cute boutique, I met with the Founder, Joyce Poon, and knew that this was the perfect business to bring to Calgary.

What’s a fun fact about the Noir Lash Lounge?

Cheryl: It was born out of pure vanity! The founder, Joyce Poon, just fell in love with getting her lashes done and thought that the whole world needed to experience this!

That’s amazing, and makes sense we love how we feel with our lashes done (Thank you!)

What’s something Something we might not know about your business?

Cheryl: Lashes are not an added service it is our only service. Like really and truly – often we get asked to add nails and brows but we stayed true to our JUST LASHES mantra!

That’s why we call you ladies experts! Okay, and of course your guilty 4th Street pleasure?

Cheryl: Pizza, Pasta and Pastries!

Well, there is a lot of that… we have already had too much today alone. What do you love most about 4th Street?

Cheryl: The fact that it is a mix of old and new, the neighbourhood has the best of everything.

Thanks so much for your time Cheryl!