Spring is here, and although the weather doesn’t always agree with that statement, we’re ready to ditch our winter wear and liven things up for spring with a visit to some of our favourite shops on 4th Street. We caught up with lifestyle writer and blogger Kait Kucy to get her tips on spring fashion that works with the reality of Calgary’s climate.

Q. First of all, why do you love shopping on 4th Street?

I love shopping on 4th Street because it is such a tight-knit community – I love it when I can actually get to know the shop owners and have them remember me as well. There are some seriously wonderful boutiques, restaurants and services on 4th Street which always bring me back for more.

Q. What spring fashion trends are you seeing right now, and can’t wait to try out?

I am in love with all of the sage and army greens that are making an appearance in spring fashion. Mixing rain jackets with feminine pieces gives a beautiful contrast between utility and beauty. Another one of my favourite spring trends I’ve been eyeing is all of the ruffles making an appearance. I haven’t been that into ultra-girlie pieces since I was a kid, but I love the added detail of a simple ruffle to a flowy top or cropped pants.

Floral Dress from Coco + Violet

Q. What trends do you think people should avoid or don’t work with Calgary weather?

Even in spring and summer, you have to layer your clothes in Calgary. Especially at this time of year, the weather is so unpredictable so it is best to be prepared with a good spring coat. I personally just think that people look silly when they don’t dress appropriately for the weather. Other than that I love seeing people embrace trends in Calgary.

Q. Is there a certain item of clothing or accessory that you are most excited to break out of its winter hibernation?

Pretty much all of my shoes and sandals. I’ve been living in my little black boots for months now and I can’t wait to let my feet breathe. That being said, I definitely need to make a stop at Butter Beauty Parlour ASAP for a spring pedicure.

Q. What are the four key pieces everyone should have in their spring wardrobe?
In my opinion, a black leather jacket is an absolute necessity. You can wear it pretty much any season and it works especially well in spring when the evenings cool off. Secondly, a great pair of jeans should always be in your wardrobe – I basically consider them a neutral staple at this point. I’m partial to dark denim at the moment but I’ve also been loving all of the faded, almost bleached denim that has been popping up on shelves. The third key piece that everyone should have is a great pair of sneakers. As we all know, athleisure is having a major fashion moment (especially in Calgary – we can often be quite behind on trends) and it is pretty cool to see sneakers become a big part of street fashion locally. Lastly, I think everyone needs an epic pair of sunglasses. I personally love all of the vintage 90s-inspired frames that have been making an appearance on shop shelves.

Green Jacket from Lululemon

Q. Best tip for dressing for unpredictable spring weather?

I mentioned it above but always have a great jacket or coat with you. You can go with a cute anorak or windbreaker or embrace a classic trench coat for your spring wardrobe. I’m obsessed with coats and I think in Calgary we are lucky (?) to be able to wear them all year round.

Q. Best accessory for spring?

It might sound a bit utilitarian and maybe it is because I am a mom to a toddler but I am really into backpacks right now. Sleek, leather knapsacks or cute and colour-blocked – I think they are a great accessory for spring. Perfect for toting your picnic essentials around!

Sunglasses & Backpack from Modern Menswear

Q. Do you have any spring beauty tips?

Spring in Calgary is SO dry so I definitely recommend taking good care of your skin at this time of year. Babor’s Oxygen Facial is one of the best treatments in the city and will leave your face feeling dewy and fresh. Of course, use lots of sunscreen at this time of year. Makeup should be soft and cheerful – I am a big fan of soft pink or nude matte lipsticks right now.

Q. Any advice for men looking to update their spring style?

For men, I think a lot of my tips apply as well. My four key pieces apply to men as well – keep it simple and classic – you’ll be styling all spring and summer long.

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