Feeling worn out, hungover, or bloated after Stampede? The ten days are a great time to break out of your usual routine and have some fun, but if you’ve lost count of the late nights out, mini doughnuts consumed, and beer gardens attended, it’s time to visit Bronze Baxx on 4th Street and get back to your pre-Stampede health.

Famous for their flawless, professionally applied spray tans, Bronze Baxx provides a luxury experience covering all aspects of health, wellness and beauty. They’ve shared with us their two best services to get you on the speedy road to recovery post-Stampede: Cryotherapy and IV Therapy.

Cryotherapy works to reduce inflammation and get rid of that bloated feeling caused by all those Stampede indulgences. The 2.5-3 minute session is in a stand-up booth, where your body is exposed to -150—180 Degrees Celsius using Nitrogen Gas. As your body is exposed to the extreme cold, it reacts by undergoing vasoconstriction and centralizing blood around key internal organs. The blood becomes super-oxygenated and nutritionally rich, which then resupplies the entire body once you are removed from the cold. This reduces inflammation, provides a boost of energy, and increases the body’s healing properties.

Another great treatment option, IV Therapy will replenish the vitamins and nutrients you lost having too much fun during Stampede or working long hours. By bypassing the digestive system, it is a highly effective delivery system for essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, ensuring 100% absorption. This is amazing, compared to the 40-60% absorption rates of oral supplements. IV Therapy will not only boost your energy and help to get you back on track, but it also offers additional benefits of enhanced mood, improved sleep, and decreased stress. Bronze Baxx offers a selection of IV treatments for specific needs, like the liver detox for hangovers. Each treatment includes a consultation with their naturopathic doctor, Dr. Katie Coombs, ND, so you know you’re in safe hands. Treatments last 30-60 minutes, using small needles and numbing cream to ensure a pain-free experience.

Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be feeling rested and energized, ready for the rest of your summer. And as a bonus, here is a little tip for next year, try out an IV Therapy session before you head out to Stampede, to stop that hangover dead in its tracks, before it even happens.

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