Photography by Olivia George Photography

Who knew we had our very own little piece of France, right in the heart of 4th Street. Suzette Bistro is delicious, from the decor, to drinks and of course the sweet and savoury Crêpes! (and most of their menu is Gluten Free!!)

So we thought, what better way to treat and surprise your guests this holiday season, home made Crêpes! Below we offer two filling recipes, cause we can’t give away too many of the chefs secrets!

Both Crêpes can be enjoyed on repeat at Suzette Bistro!

Norvégienne Galette

Pour the Galette batter onto the bilique and spread it across the hot surface. Brush butter on the galette. Pour the sautéed leeks into the center of the galette. Fold the sides of the galette over. Move the galette onto a plate. Brush another layer of butter on the galette. Garnish the galette with a generous amount of smoked salmon. Serve with a small side salad.

Galette Filling:

  • Leeks
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Salt and Pepper


  • Smoked Salmon
  • Salad

Normanda Crêpe (Dominique’s favourite)

Pour the crêpe batter onto the bilique and spread it across the hot surface. Brush butter on the crêpe. Fold the sides over and move the crêpe onto a plate. Brush another layer of butter on the crêpe. Garnish the crêpe with the apples and ice cream. Finally, squeeze caramel sauce onto the crêpe. Sprinkle powered sugar on top.

Crepe Filling:

  • Caramelized apple, flambé au Calvados
  • Caramel Sauce

Top with:

  • Vanilla ice cream

Enjoy, as many as you want!! Crêpes don’t have calories, right?

We know, we know, you are probably wondering… What’s the crepe and buckwheat galette recipe… Well we have to keep something a secret and to be honest, we have no idea.

We had an amazing experience at Suzette Bistro, the staff were beyond welcoming ,and Dominique ( the owner) talent and humour makes it ooze one big family. We wanted to know, of course, and we are glad we did cause that has some pretty funny answers!

So, you guys are pretty new to 4th Street but such a perfect fit. How long have you been operating here for?

Suzette Team: Since March 2015

Crêpes, we love them and love to eat them. What was the inspiration behind Suzette Bistro?

Suzette Team: Its not a concept its a tradition, a traditional Brittany bistro. Dominique’s family has a restaurant in Brittany and growing up he worked in it! He then travelled the world and lived all over the place, after having a family they settled here in this beautiful city.

Well thank goodness, the traditional French cuisine is beyond welcome!

We love the team in here, but we want to know, what’s something fun about you all?

Suzette Team: On the wall there is Suzette she is the inventor of Crêpes, that’s what we tell guests…. cause well that’s made up. (Ha!)

We love that! What’s your favourite part about 4th street?

Suzette Team: The Eclectic mix of people, and the people just in general. There are just out and about enjoying the community. You get such a range of people.

Dominique’s Guilty Pleasure?

Suzette Team: Cidre De Fouesnanz – we go through a lot of it.

We couldn’t agree more it’s beyond delicious. Last but not least, how many Crêpes does Dominique eat a day?

Cause we could eat a million.

Suzette Team: Daily, minimum daily and sometimes hourly! Normande is his favourite, and he has an industrial crepe machine in his house.

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