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We head into the holiday season with the ultimate hair blow out blog. It’s time to get the perfect holiday blow out, and we have just the place to provide us with the best tips!

We recently sat down with the team at Butter Beauty Parlour on 4th Street and they shared the tips, the tricks and the secrets (products) behind the perfect holiday or any day (if you’re feeling special) blow out! So get those brushes ready, it’s time to start styling.

For starters, it’s all about Product, Product, Product! You heard us, and the product is all available at Butter Beauty Parlour!

Step 1: Get out your structure product! This could be anything from; Bumble & Bumble Styling Lotion, Thickening Hair Spray, Styling Creme, or Full Form Mousse. Now that you have it out, apply whichever is best for your specific hair texture, then apply to root and midshaft.

Step 2: Now get your blow dryer out! Make sure you blow dry with high heat using a round brush for volume and curl. Before you stop, make sure your hair is 110% dry!

Step 3: Finish it off with Bumble and Bumble Dry Spun or Pret-a-Powder at your roots to keep your scalp from natural oils for long lasting volume and style! You can also apply these products lightly to your ends if you desire.

**All products recommend in this post are Bumble and Bumble**

Thank you for all the amazing tips, now we can’t wait to go do our hair!

Not ready to attempt your holiday blow out on your own? We get it, Call Butter or book your appointment online with one of the amazingly talented Butter Beauty Parlour employees today.

Now it’s time to learn about the man (and team) behind Butter Beauty Parlour, Hedkandi Salon, and the recently opened

Johnny’s Barber + Shop, Mr. Jereme Bokitch, and of course a little bit more about Butter.

Photo Provided By Butter Beauty Parlour.

We wanted to know, what the inspiration was behind the start of this amazing shop.

Did you know Butter Beauty Parlour has been open on 4th Street since March 2012? It has!

Jereme: After being continuously asked by our loyal Hedkandi clients when we were going to offer more beauty services at Hedkandi, the concept of Butter Beauty Parlour came together.
We wanted a place like Hedkandi, that was a fun social atmosphere with highly educated, passionate team members. We didn’t want a space that you could only visit to “treat” yourself, we wanted to create a space that could be part of a continuous beauty regime.

Good to know! We do love it in here. We always want to know the deets, and the dirt! What’s something we might not know about Butter, that we should?

Jereme: At Butter, we offer a wide array of beauty products. All of the products we offer at Butter are exclusive and carefully curated because they are ethical, high quality, socially conscious products.

A fun fact about Jereme from the staff? Of course we want to know!!

Butter Team: Butter is actually our owner Jereme’s nickname… we call him JJ Butter because he’s smooth 😉

We love all the Bumble products, but which would you say is your favourite?

Jereme: It’s Pret-a-powder because it makes us all look better. It cleanses when we’re a little dirty, messes us up when we’re a little straight, and it has longevity that doesn’t discriminate.

And of course, what do you love most about 4th street?

Jereme & The Butter Team: We love that it’s a neighbourhood that truly embodies the urban living motto of live, work, eat, play, and shop. It’s a complete urban centre on one street. Which is why it’s one of our favourite downtown destinations.

Last but not least, what’s your one guilty pleasure?

Jereme: We never feel guilty about pleasure.

Well friends, thats a wrap! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog.. where we make counting down to Christmas a little more interesting! Don’t forget to book your blow outs for the holidays and everyday by calling Butter today, or booking online!

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