It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! With that being said, the most wonderful time got a little bit better now that we have the perfect wine pairing to compliment all our upcoming events! Where did we get these magical pairings from you ask? Well, we recently sat down with the team at Bin905 on 4th, and here’s what they had to say!

Holiday party – We love juicy reds and whites for holiday parties. Vajra Langhe Rosso ($24.71) is a fantastic Italian blend that brims with red fruit, licorice and floral notes. Impress your friends with knowledge about the grape blend. It contains Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Albarossa, Freisa and Pinot Noir! A great party white is always Riesling. We are Riesling fanatics at BIN 905 and have a stellar selection to choose from. One of our favourites for December is the Robert Weil Riesling Trocken ($28.57). It’s fabulously refreshing , dry, and so easily gulpable!

Turkey dinner – Pairing for turkey dinner can be complicated as there are so many dishes involved. What you want is a wine that can happily match all the veggies, stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce – not all wines fit the bill. But a classic choice for red is Pinot Noir or Gamay, the great reds of Burgundy. You cannot go wrong with Chevre Noir Pinot Noir ($25.71) or the Domaine de Julienas Gamay ($20.95). If you’re a white lover then you should consider the classic Gustav Lorentz Gewurztraminer (25.71). It is perfumed and spicy and a perfect pairing for the turkey and all its accompaniments.

Christmas morning – Moscato D’Asti is the best way to start the day… on Christmas morning that is. The wine is light and lively with beautiful delicate honeysuckle and peach notes. It is slightly sweet and sparkling with a refreshing creamy bubble. It is a wine that can’t help to put you in a good mood, and with only 5% alcohol you won’t need a nap after breakfast even if you get through the whole bottle amongst few! Marcarini Moscato D’Asti ($21.90) is one of our favourites.

New Year’s Eve – It’s got to be bubbles on New Year’s Eve! We have an awesome selection of Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, Cremant, and more, to suit any festive occasion. One of our favourites is the Moutard Rosé Champagne($47.62). Made from Pinot Noir there is a load of ripe red fruit laced in toasty cocoa notes – so sumptuous!

All these recommendations are available at Bin905 on 4th Street! Now let’s get to know the Geoff the GM a little bit better!

How long have you operated on 4th Street?

Geoff: We’ve been here for 17 years. 17 YEARS!!!

That’s AMAZING!!! What was the inspiration behind the start of Bin905?

Geoff: To provide the Mission/Mount Royal area with a local store that was second-to none in terms of selection and customer service.

Amazing, and you do! What’s something we might not know about Bin905?

Geoff: Despite being an upscale store we stock over 250 wines under $30, many of which are exclusive to our shop.

We love that, quality wine at a great price point! Okay, one fun fact?

Geoff: Bin 905 is committed to supporting the arts in Calgary. We support CJSW’s funding drive in a significant way every year as well as Honens piano competition. Working artists are always entitled to a 10% discount at BIN 905.

And of course, what do you love most about 4th Street?

Geoff: The area has become one of Calgary’s best walking areas with a growing and diverse collection of great shops and restaurants.

Your one guilty pleasure?

Geoff: Rare red meat and a great bottle of wine; now that red meat has become public enemy number one – as far as health and the environment goes – it has been relegated to the guilty pleasure realm.

Last but not least…Your favourite holiday drink?

Geoff: In this line of work there can never be one favourite; how about Anchor Steam Xmas Ale and great German Riesling – because Riesling is the most diverse food wine out there.

Thanks so much Geoff! Want to get to know Bin905 a little bit better?