Christmas parties are in full swing! With that comes party make up, we recently sat down with Aura Spa and got the steps to your perfect make up look!

Step 1: Primer
Step 2: Concealer
Step 3: Powder
Step 4: Eyebrows (1 of 2)
Step 5: Eye shadow
Step 6: Highlight
Step 7: Blush
Step 8: Contour
Step 9: Eyebrows (2 of 2)
Step 10:Liner
Step 11: Mascara
Step 12: Fake Lashes (2 sets)

Ta da, you are Christmas party ready!

We recommend using the products that suit your skin best! For more information, or to book your holiday make up session contact Diana at Aura Spa and Salon!

Now let’s get to know her a bit better!

So how long has Aura operated on 4th Street?

Diana: 4 years!!

What was the inspiration behind the start of Aura Spa and Salon?

Diana: I wanted to create a place that women and men alike could come to and feel pampered, appreciated and not feel like a number. I wanted to create a peaceful, relaxing environment and this is how I came up with the name Aura. I have worked in the service industry my whole life and wanted to set a new standard for spas.

What’s something we might not know about Aura Spa and Salon?

Diana: We have a rewards programme for all nail services. After 10 nail visits the client will receive 10% back on their total spend and can us it towards their 11th service.

and one fun fact?

Diana: Nails grow an average of 3.5mm per month.

and of course, What you love most about 4th Street?

Diana: I love that 4th street is home to local independent businesses that all care and look after each other. I always support businesses on 4th street.

What’s your one guilty pleasure?

Diana: Jimmy’s shawarma’s

And last but not least, favourite part about the holiday season?

Diana: I love the excitement of Christmas. Even though it is an extremely busy time for us it is also a pleasure to service all our clients, hear about their plans for Christmas, make them feel extra festive. Myself and all the girls here really love to then go and spend the holidays with our own families.

Us too!! Thanks so much Diana!

Photography by Olivia George.