We are all about looking cute even when the cold weather hits, so it makes sense we recently stopped into Coco + Violet on 4th a clothing boutique offering fashionable women’s wear. We have to stay there truly is something for everyone in this shop, and we fell in love with every part of the “must have” outfit of winter 2015!

Photography by Olivia George

Vince 100% Cashmere Sweater $625

Photography by Olivia George

“The Rocket” By Citizens Of Humanity $285

Photography by Olivia George

Booties by IRO $690

One of our favourite parts of this outfit is the versatility! You can wear it together or split it up and create new outfits, the options are endless for the holiday season!

Now it’s time to learn a little bit more about this beautiful boutique’s 7 years on 4th street, and what they love most about all of you!


Photography by Olivia George

We are in love with Coco+Violet, so we want to know, what was the inspiration behind the start of the boutique?

Helen: Back in 2008, Many of the brands that Coco And Violet introduced were not readily available – these were brands I loved and sought after when I travelled and thought would be a perfect fit for our city.

At the same time, Calgary had and still has amazing boutiques but not enough of them. When I travel to larger cities I love walking through all the boutiques and love that they add to the overall feel and vibe of the city – each individual boutique is a reflection of it’s owner and it really creates the vibe of a strong community.

I love getting to know my clients and I love providing great customer service and from my all my retail experiences, boutiques always offer a service that can’t be beat – I wanted to provide that to my community.

We couldn’t agree more, each boutique truly is a reflection of their owner! What’s something many of us might not know about Coco+Violet?

Helen: I generally work from word-of-mouth so not too many people are aware that I do a lot of personal styling and wardrobing. I’ll go to my client’s homes for closet clean-ups, re-styling existing pieces and personal shopping in the comfort of your own home once I’m familiar with your lifestyle and needs – I’m a great holiday gift 🙂

Coco And Violet also sells gift cards in any denomination and we will deliver. All the brands that are carried in the store are a special curation of my favourite pieces from the collection.

If there’s something you’ve seen from the brands that I carry, you are more than welcome to ask, if it’s available, I have no problem special ordering that item in for you.

Well, the fact you deliver gift cards and the product is AMAZING.. also I couldn’t agree more the perfect gift is a fresh new style for the new year! What’s a fun fact we might not know about Coco+Violet?

Helen: Coco And Violet is located closest to the beautiful river paths that most people visiting usually don’t know of or notice. I find lots of people walk down 4th street and do a big u-turn right on 25th ave, if you pass 25th and make your way to 26th where the path is you pass so many great retailers on the way, Urban Barn, Modern Menswear, Coco And Violet, Savour Cafe, and Babour (furniture, clothing for both men and women, food and coffee and beauty) all in one small block!! We have a great assortment so come on in and don’t be intimidated! We’re all here to help 🙂

What you love most about 4th Street?

Helen: The sense of community.

Your one guilty pleasure, so we can surprise you with it!

Helen: Beer!

Last but not least, your staple piece in your closet?

Helen: Jeans and a good ol’ baggy t-shirt

You can never have enough t-shirts, so thank you for confirming that! Want to learn more about Coco+Violet? Or inquire about getting the gift of a personal styling for the holidays? Contact Helen and follow them online socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!