We know as a runner or an active athlete when strikes and that doesn’t stop you from heading outside to hit the trails. Thanks to The Tech Shop, we have the perfect pieces to keep you safe while enjoying your favourite pastimes!

For The Men:

Siberius Pant- Saucony $99.99

The plush, brushed Siberius fabric will make this pant your go-to for work outs!

Fun Fact: The Siberius logo changes from white to blue when the temp dips below freezing!

New Balance WindBlock Jacket $159.99

Cold weather jacket. Captures warmth. Lightweight. Wick Dry

Saucony- Ridge Runner Sportop $129.99

Wool blend and fabric techinical details make this sportop a winning combination of style and preformance, with an extra soft interior lining for comfort.

$165 For Men’s Trail Running Shoe

For the ladies:

New Balance Wind Blocker Tights – $119.99

Cold Weather Fabric. Captures Warmth. Lightweight. Wick Dry.

New Balance Performance Merino $109.99

Moisture wicking fabric. Releases moisture away from the body, fast drying.

Gore WindStopper $199.99

Gortex Shoe $165.99

Trail Grip and warmer fabric then the usual running shoe.

We have to say, we feel ready to run.. almost! Need more help getting outdoor exercise ready this season? Head into The Tech Shop on 4th! Thanks to Nolan and his amazing staff for all the help on finding the perfect outdoor running outfit.

Now, let’s get to know The Tech Shop a little bit better!

First off, we didn’t know this but The Tech Shop has been on 4th Street for 40 years (Since 1975) !! You heard us right, they originally occupied the space next to Wurst!

What was the inspiration behind the start of The Tech Shop?

Nolan: In the 70’s it was hard to find high quality sports equipment. There was a need and we provided the solution. Originally we specialized in all kinds of sporting equipment (football cleats, tennis shoes, etc). However we slowly turned into a specialty running shop and haven’t looked back!

What’s something we might not know about The Tech Shop?

Nolan: We have actually been privately owned since 2003 and are a family owned and operated business. Both myself and my younger brother are involved in the company.

Okay, now one fun fact.

Nolan: The average person who runs a marathon takes roughly around 50 000 steps!!!

WOW!! So what you love most about 4th Street?

Nolan: The community and the running paths. People are really friendly and go out of their way to shop as local as possible.

And but of course, your one guilty pleasure?

Nolan: Salt and Vinegar chips. I can eat them until my tongue is sore! (us too!!)

Where should runners head in Mission for great paths?

Nolan: The Stanley Park pathway is really nice. You have the option of staying on the path or hitting up some of the short sections of trail to mix things up!

Wonderful,Thanks Nolan! Want to learn more about The Tech Shop? Follow them online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.